Saturday, September 24, 2005

PORT VISIT to MUMBAI .. and then TRIP to GOA

Finally the end terms are over and we all are set for our official Port Visit. Different Teams are going to different ports like Mumbai, Vizag, Chennai and Singapore. We will be free by 30th Sep afternoon.

Then myself, Sumeet Kaul, Anshuman Kashyap and Manish Sharma are leaving for GOA .. the most sought out place in India .. with full of beauty, fun and excitement ..

this will be my 4th visit to Goa and 2nd with college friends .. looking forward for more trips this this unforgettable place !!

Go Goa Go !!

Nitin Kochhar

Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Its been more than a week our end terms got started .. not even a day was free .. most of the exams were open book and case study oriented. Conceptual understanding is more important with lot of globe which a manager is trained for 2 year in any B school. Words like strategy, moving up the value chain, marketing myopia has become so ingrained our personality that we often use them unconsciously.

Anyways its been long writing in my blog. Presently working a project report Balanced Scorecard for Marico - a financial perspective. Soon i will be very frequent in posting messages on this and my other blogs on FMCG and philosophy

4th tri sem is almost over .. our exams are getting over on 23rd Sep and I am leaving for Mumbai for Port Visit. We have a 5 day official visit there and then four of us - myself, Sumeet, Manish and Anshuman have plans to go to Goa .. looking forward

lets have a break after all this !!

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Addtion to my Life's CV

If i look back, when i was in 6th class. I used to work hard to be in top 3.

Then came the 8th board exams, was fighting to get distinction i.e. 600/700, managed to get 593.. fine. The next stage was 10th Boards, scored decent 418/500. This helped me to get into DAV College, sector 10, Chandigarh and also my entry into Chitkara's Coaching Center. Thanks to that great man who taught me maths fundas .. which help me till date .. he is still my guru and i owe a lot to him. May be some day i may contribute something to him.

Then, sleepless nights ... tution classes - physics - chauhan, maths - chitkara, chemistry - sangeeta madam and sloghing for hours. Finally made it to Thapar, Patiala (90 rank in Punjab CET). Also got ranks in PEC (57 UP Pool), DCE (314 all india) and marine engineering via IIT exam.

Had lots of fun in first 3 years of engineering and then there was tension of placements. I tried hard to get the best placement there. I missed CSC, TCS, Quarks and finally made to Birlasoft Limited. Worked there for 12 months with my over demanding client in UK. These people are very fussy about work. Leave it ...

But was not happy there as at that time i was clear that i have to for marketing management. For that i again sloughed to get selected in oneof the top 10 b Schools ... got calls from many but made it to IIFT .. marginally .. was in a waiting list and had to wait for 2 months to get confirmation..

Then i decided not to slough and only look for results and start enjoying the journey assuming that one will get atleast some of it .. as destiny is a big factor .. So from day 1 i was clear that whatever i do in these 2 years in IIFT, i will definately get 5 lacks package and rest is bonus. Today i would say that i am very lucky that i have got a PPO from QAI

God is great ...

But what next .. a person always look for some or the other thing in life.

I have one big thing which may happen in coming months .... but i am looking forward for it ..I am 100% sure that i will get it .. i just have to wait for it .. the time may be less or more.

But its a bigh mystery for me

Lets wait and watch !!

Friday, September 09, 2005

Pre Placement Offer (PPO) from QAI

I did my summer training from QAI on "Growth Strategies for Six Sigma Practice at QAI", where i identified more than 55 leads. This was really real !! My peers were impressed by my work .. everybody love real stuf as my CEO Mr. Navyug say.

But the journey continued .. i gave a proposal to Navyug for a Live Project, where i wanted to cover marketing issues in the organizations. It was approved. I worked on RSS Feeds, Blogs, Website Structuring, Website Search Engine Optimization and other online Branding techniques. I am still working on it.

God is great. QAI was happy with my work and offered me a PPO. They are offering me a Marketing and Strategy profile. I will get the details of the package and profile by this Monday.

I am entusiastic about the profile they are offering and looking forward to work with QAI.

Thanks Destiny!!

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

ITL Rapid Fire .. Questions Asked from Section A

1. In maritime terms, the deadweight of a vessel is the maximum weight of the cargo, crew, stores and bunkers that it can carry when loaded so that it settles in the water to the Plimsoll line. This is also measurable by the weight of the water the vessel displaces when fully loaded less the displacement when it was unloaded.
2. Deadweight cargo is cargo of such high density that a long ton (2240 lbs.) of such cargo can be stowed in less than 70 cubic feet.


1. In international transportation, a charge for the failure to remove cargo from a terminal within the allowed free time. Also, a charge for failure to load or unload a ship within the allowed period

2. (USA) In domestic transportation, a penalty charge against users for use of carriers' equipment beyond the allowed free time.


The delivery of a shipment by a shipper to a carrier for transportation.

Dry-Bulk Container

A shipping container designed to carry unpackaged free-flowing dry solids such as grain or sand.

Net Price
Price after all deductions, discounts, rebates, etc have been taken.

Materials placed around cargo to prevent shifting or damage while in transit.

COGSA (Carriage Of Goods By Sea Act Of 1936)
(USA) The basic law of ocean shipping in the U.S. Among other provisions, it establishes parameters for the carrier's liability for loss or damage to cargo.

Gross Registered Tonnage

Refers to space measurement, one cubic metre being regarded as equal to one tonne. It is the capacity of the entire space within the frames and ceiling of the hull together with those closed in spaces above deck available for cargo, stores, passengers and crew.

Net Registered Tonnage (NRT)
is what remains after deducting from the gross registered tonnage the spaces occupied by propelling machinery, fuel and other stores, crew quarters, master cabin and navigation spaces. It represents the space available for cargo and passengers. Both gross and net registered tonnages are measurements of cubic capacity and not of weight.

Dead Weight Tonnage (DWT)
Measures in weight (tones) the amount of cargo that a skip can carry or carries. The weight of cargo includes packing.

Net Weight (Actual Net Weight)
Weight of the goods alone without any immediate wrappings; e.g., the weight of the contents of a tin can without the weight of the can.

Net Tonnage
Equals gross tonnage minus deductions for space occupied by crew accommodations, machinery, navigation equipment and bunkers.It represents space available for cargo (and passengers). Canal tolls are based on net (registered) tonnage.

Mate's Receipt
A receipt signed by the mate to say the cargo has been received on board in good order and condition.

Hagues Rule
Code of minimum conditions for the carriage of cargo under a bill of lading

Throughout the latter half of the 19th Century there was increasing dissatisfaction amongst cargo owners and their insurers with the law governing a carrier's liabilities for damage to goods in their custody. This was due to an increasing number of protection and other limitation clauses. There was a growing demand to establish a uniform code or rules for the carriage of goods by sea. After many years a conference was held at Brussels which resulted in a set of Rules known as the Hague Rules. The aim of the Rules was to establish a uniform code for the carriage of cargo shipped under Bills of Lading.

Trade Ullage
Natural loss to cargo (eng. evaporation).

Net Registered Weight


Net Worth Liability

Dead Net Pricing

Dead Weight Carrying Capacity


Hope it will help Section B !!

Saturday, September 03, 2005

LiveMark .. Inter B School Marketing Case Study competition

LiveMark is a Inter B School Marketing Case Study competition, conducted by Brandwagon, marketing club at IIFT, where cases involving current "hot" concerns in the industry are analysed thread bare. Ground work for conducting this seminar entails lot of interaction with the companys concerned, designing the cases etc.

Present Status
We have got confirmation from Arvind Brands - Flying Machine Case

Target Cases
ITC - Sunfeast Pasta
Reva - Electrical Car
HLL - Kwality Walls
Mc Donalds
Career Launcher

We welcome people for giving inputs for making this event a success.

Future Plan of Action
1. Developement of website for LiveMark
2. Getting the final Cases
3. Informing corporates and B school about this event

LiveMark team

Brandwagon Coordinators
Nitin Kochhar - 9811661872
Vaibhav Chadha - 9891015619
Manveet Singh Hora - 9811756781

Deepak Venugopal
Rahul Biswas

For any clarification, contact any of us.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

MARKSTRAT Results out ... Emami Case Shortlisted !!

Good News !!

Out team from IIFT:

Nitin Kochhar
Vaibhav Chadha
Kumar Abhinav
Sumeet Kaul
Kajal Aggarwal

has got shortlisted for the first round ( The next phase will start today night.

Project Details: Evaluating the performance of Sona Chandi Chyawanprash in West Bengal and Bihar and suggesting strategy for improving the market share.

Finaly got a good Brand Project !!