Tuesday, November 08, 2005

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Friday, November 04, 2005

What is love?

C S Lewis divided love into two kinds:

1. Need Love
2. Gift Love

Abraham Maslow also divides into two kinds:

1. Deficiency Love
2. Being Love

Need/ Deficiency Love depends on others; its is immature love. Actually it is not truly love, it is a need. You use other as a means. You explot, you dominate and you manipulate.

When a child is born, he depends on the mother. His love towards mother is deficiency love: he cannot survive without her.

Man become mature the moment he starts loving rather than needing.

What happens when a rose blossom in a forest. Nobody is there to appreciate. Does it mean it will stop blooming. No. It simply goes on blooming.

Obviously, it is vey difficult to live in this materialistic world without need. But thats not love. People say i need a job. This is the reason most of the people from MBA graduates leave their first job within 6 months. They do what is more attactive externally and not attractive internally.

But if i talk in pratical terms, can a begger do something which he actually want. First he has to feed his family and then he can think of something else. But there is a catch. This is just the state of the beggars mind. He think that he has to crib thoughout his life, because God has not given him much.

Actually Mind kills. The more you think, the more is the problem. So even if you are parti to the materialistic club, you can sometime relax your mind absolute nothing (which is everything). Lot of people say do Meditation. But people actually have not understood the meaning of it.

I think i have diverted from the topic. But that doesnt matter - i am writing this bacause of being and not deficiency.

Thats love!! .. please comment your ideas on What is love according to you?

TRADEWINDS 2005: Marketing in Asia - Imperatives for MNC's

Tradewinds 2005 will again rock. We have got confirmations from the following:

Anurag Batra - CEO, Exchange 4 Media

Speakers in the panel
1. Bhaskar Basu - Country Head, Costa Coffee
2. Vishal Chadha - GM - Brands, Coca Cola
3. Shashi Singh - Chairperson, Consultant Enterprise Developement & Gender Specialist

The session is on 10th Nov, 2005 from 1:30 to 3:30 PM.

Be there and have different perspectives on Marketing in Asia !!