Friday, April 21, 2006

8 days to reach top 100 marketing professionals

Hi people,

Let me tell you what i have been doing from last few days. Apart from work out hard in gym to get off that extra flab i was fully into Its a portal where there are discussions on diverse topics in marketing - Branding, adv, taglines etc.

Actually i was reading lots of articles on Marketing esp FMCG, and suddenly saw Puru's blog: Read between the Ps after a long time. And in the rightmost column there, i was a box mentioning current expert points=22000 and current international rank: 19. And at the bottom was a link for an interview in KHE news. I was perplexed and searched more about marketingprofs and came to more about it.

Briefly, as soon as you register, you are awarded 250 expert points and then you start your iternary with either asking questions in forum or get points by answering others questions. So i thought of experimenting and asked a question on Chyawanprash brand Extensions and got decent inputs on that.

But there was catch of not asking questions without earning more expert points. Suddenly my eyes stop on the right most column mentioning "top 25 experts" and Puru's name was there. So how could i resist myself of not being a part of the list. And then i started answering every open question.

I was the happiest person to have got the first congratulation letter mentioning "you earned X points" and was more than eager to check my profile for increase in the cumulative expert points cell.

Today (Night, 21st April) my score touched 4000. Thats like the fastest ever in the history of marketing profs with accepted answers within 30. But the milestone in front of me was 4108, expert points earned by an american guy, ranked 100 in the expert list. I was waiting for few more congratulation emails. At that time my score was 4098, just 10 points behind the 100th expert. And Bingo!! Got a mail for 150 points and my present score is 4248 and i am the 98th guy.

Its a great feeling to be a part of the elite group. Definately will boost anybody. And can you believe guys ... just 8 days to reach top 100 marketing professionals. And the next big milestone is to be in top 25, which ask for present more that 20,000 points, i.e. 5 times from now. I know its tough before joining ITC (1st June).

Visit top 100 experts list: and click to check my profile:

I am at the top of the world!!