Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Set for Nainital

So this is my last trip before i start working with ITC. WIll have fun with Mummy, Papa, Sister, Mahika and Niharika.

WIll post the pics on Sunday.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

English to Bengali Translation - Part 2

Experimentation with Sentences

  • You are sweet - tumi mishTi
  • My father and mother live in Delhi - Amar bAbA Ar AmmA Delhi jyanto
  • They like me - tArA Ami bhalo
  • We will buy -AmrA kinA
  • I read book - Ami pawrA boi
  • I dont love you - Ami tumi nA bhAlobAshA
  • They are right - tArA Thik
  • Where are you going - Kothai jache
  • Will you drink water - jol khabe

More Translations

  1. And - Ar or ebong
  2. Buy - kinA
  3. We - AmrA
  4. Book - boi
  5. Read - pawrA, pATh kawrA
  6. Money - tAkA-poishA
  7. No - nA
  8. Try - chesTA
  9. Where - kothAe
  10. Way - pawth, upAe
  11. Correct - Thik

Friday, May 12, 2006

English to Bengali Translation made easy !!

Indo-Aryan language of South Asia that evolved as a successor to Sanskrit, Pali, and Prakrit. Bengali is the English word for the name of the language and for its speakers. With more than 200 million native speakers, it is the fourth or fifth most widely spoken language in the world (after Mandarin, Spanish, English and Hindustani (Hindi-Urdu). It is also the fourth most spoken language in terms of native speakers. Bangla is the second most commonly spoken language in India (after Hindi). Along with Assamese, it is geographically the most eastern of the Indo-European languages.

From today i have started learning Bengali.

Lets start with the translation of some basic English words.

  1. Sweet - mishTi
  2. Friend - bondhu (m), bAndhobi (f)
  3. Love - bhAlobAshA, prem
  4. Father - bAbA, pitA
  5. Mother - mA, AmmA, mAtA, mAtri
  6. Sister - bon
  7. Brother - bhAi, dAdA, bhrAta
  8. Boy - chhele
  9. Girl - meye
  10. Newspaper - potrikA
  11. Rice - bhAt (cooked)
  12. Male - purush
  13. God - ishshor, bhawgobAn
  14. Me - Ami
  15. You - tumi
  16. Language - bhAshA
  17. Market - bAjAr
  18. New - nuton, notun
  19. News - khawbor, shangbAd
  20. Live - jyanto, jibito
  21. How - kibhAbe
  22. What - ki
  23. Name - nAm
  24. Good - bhAlo
  25. They - tArA, tAhArA, tA(n)rA
  26. Come - AshA
  27. Tomorrow - AgAmikAl, kAlke

Experimentation with Sentences

  • How are you - kibhAbe tumi
  • I love you - Ami tumi bhAlobAshA
  • Whats your name - ki tumi nAm
  • I am fine - Ami bhAlo
  • I live in Delhi - Ami jyanto Delhi
  • They will come tomorrow - tArA AshA AgAmikAl

Hope this will help me to converse with people in Kolkatta !!

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Its no more a simple world !!

Hi Friends (people less than 30),

You must have heard lots of stories from ur parents regarding the simple life they had 2 to 3 decades back. My father's started with a Bank for Rs. 120 a month and mother for Rs. 521. But money was not the only attribute which differentiate today's life and that of our parents.

Its COMPETITION and especially in India.

Just remember of you passtime in past 20 years back ... i still remember its Hide and Seek, something Kanche , climg on trees, watching lots of time in outside actives. But now we have seen that its more of indoor activities - computer games, internet etc. This actually is an indication of future competition for these guys.

You must be finding my above thought a bit confusing. Actually the point i want to make is that - we are experencing an age of information ... an age of abundance ... bombardment of varied thoughts from our parents, relatives, peers regarding the different options for us to pursue our careers. Most of the parents want their kids to become doctors, engineering and the buzz these days is getting a stamp for them from either or both of IIM and IIT.

Do you how many seat are there in the above institutes. IIT has around 4000 and IIMs have 1300 seats. There was a big news last month - Crorepathi is not enough. Now its the time of millionaires (1m$ = 4.5 crores). Its difficult to get 3 room house in Delhi in 1 crore. Also there was huge talk in the education sphere of the 4 guys from ISB Hyderabad who got more than 1 crore salary.

Its is %$#@ing tough. How many are lucky to smell the seats of the auditoriums of the above prestigious institutes.

When i did my preparation for CET and other entrance exams to get into one of the best engineering colleges in India, the tution fee which Chitkara sir use to charge was Rs. 500 per month. And now its like Rs. 20,000 for the enrolling for Maths, Physics and Chemistry. Whats the reason? ----- Its DEMAND and SUPPLY.

Every day the supply of student is increasing. Every year 20,000 more people enrol for CAT. There were 28,000 aspirants for IIFT in 2003 and increased to 35,000 in 2004. It will further increase. But are the seats increasing? Nope.

Still in this cut-throat competition, the politicials cannot involve themselves in kind deeds for the nation. They are always ready for campaigns to get that extra vote by increasing the quotas for SC/ ST. They are absolute selfish people.

Let me go back when out parents were as young as we are today. My father told me how happy he was for his first scooter. At that time very few had scooters and most of the people use to commute via their respective bicycles. They use to wait for our grandmothers to cook Khir etc. They were not heath concscious and use to eat Ghee in tons.

Now the people driving Maruti 800 are considered poor and driving Papa's scotter in college is like a shame for them. They need the jazzy - in - bikes - Pulsar etc. We love eating outside or may be we are forced to eat out as we dont get time from the hectic schedule in our jobs. Also we rarely see joint families, so how can we expect that tasty kheer from out mother.

So my whole point is that those old simple beautiful days are gone and many of us are set to slough our life in earning those extra bucks, making big house and the own most dreamt Mercedes if possible.

I can keep writing many instances ... But i think i should stop here and ask you guys to give a thought to whatever crap i have written above.

What do you feel?