Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Dreams Fulfilled: ITC is a great place to work with !!

Today through my effective medium of communication, i would like to announce that i have made it to my dream organization ... the one and only ITC.

It was/is always my passion to join a FMCG organization, one which give me an opportunity to interact and understand diverse consumers in rural and urban India. A place which can give empowerment to its employees, innovative environment, proactive roles ... a journey to be a part of numerous product innovations .. see a product from conceptualization to implementation.

ITC is a FMCG organization which will surpass the famous FMCG major i.e. HLL (Unilever India) way ahead in terms off varied product offerings and enthusiastic and innovative employees..

After 5 years when people will think of ITC they will not only call .. a leader in ciggarettes but in Foods as well and in 7 to 8 years .. a leader in HPC category ..

ITC has huge capabilities in terms of distribution, procurement, brand management and relation with rural India, which help ITC to convert a product into a brand and make it reach the end consumer ...

I see no doubt that in future ITC will be one brand not only loved by Indian soil but foreign markets as well ...

Lots of opportunities .. a long journey to travel and luckily i am a part of this interesting journey.

!! Go IIFT Go !! .. I love ITC

Thursday, January 19, 2006

12 days left for the D day ...

If you ask aspirants what why do they want to do MBA .. they will give all type of gas that they want to widen horizons, acquire teamwork and leadership skills, take decesions etc. But the bottom line which every understand is the Final Placements ... and a balance sexy package - a tremendous profile

And we guys here at IIFT are not far off to sense and feel the exuberance inside and outside the faces of capable candidates - with loads of ambitions and the attitute to change this small world

Some guys are still chill about it and others putting their heads inside kotler and learning those ancient models of Aaker and Kevinlane Keller ...

But dont know whether all this help or not .. its only that day which is going throw some light

I am typing this post and waiting for these 12 days to get over and be an absolute free bird with clarity of the organization i will be working .. Then its gona fun and biking and treking and australia tour and what not

Hope everybody gets into their dream organizations --

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Laterals and then what ...

We had our lateral placement week in third week of Dec, 2005. 23 sudents got placed with average salary of around 7.3 L annually (domestic genuine). Losts of It came to IIFT - HP, IBM, Accenture, Birlasoft, Genpact, and almost every Indian IT companies - Infy, Wipro, Sayam, HCL etc

People left companies offering 9.5 L for better profile and their interest areas .. Its good to see that people now are clear what they want and dont compromise. Keep going guys.

I had 12 months of experience but didnt sat for Laterals.

So whats happenin these days here. Lots of daru parties .. all these lateral placed are in full enrgies and ebulience ... they should be. Hope all these guys perform great in future and make a mark whatever they do and I am confident for them.

I have seen very few guys both lateral and fresher students keep their ass out of their beds and attend classes and even test. Our exams started in last week of Dec and people are so lathergic or non-concerned to move their pens in the examination rooms ...

Apoorv is always the first guy who normally finish the end terns or for that matter any exam in less than 50% of time. But the number of students in that category have increased exponentially - today only it was only 1 hour over and i saw 20% of the class out .. thats inetresting

Practically it doesnt make sense to get CGPA as its not gonna help anybody anywhere ... But the important point to understand is that if we retrispect our 1.5 years and see what all have we acquired is mainly the basic skills, a stuctured approach for any problem, looking a problem from several perspectives etc

But finally in a working envornment its is the passion and common sense which help anybody to succeeed anywhere personally or professionally.

I dont deny that academics are not required .. definately it will help us somewhere in future .. no knowledge goes waste

Onr thing which I missed is - GYAN - i.e. is the USP of MBAs ... they can speak on anything and convince people ... they are good at using big words - strategy, moving up the value chain, customization, intergration etc and has ingrained in their DNAs

So lets all of us rock the world wherever we go !!

Best of luck guys for final placements