Friday, August 26, 2005


Its 27th AUg, 2005, 4:00 AM. I just came from badi. All set for sleep. Have a class at 7 AM by Dr. Rangarajan Sir - Business Strategy. I think i should take sleep for atleast 2 hours. Thats life at IIFT.

But its all fun ..

sad subjects
interesting people
small campus
badminton @ 2 AM
blogging @ 4 AM
SMSing in classes
Marking proxies
Going to Village Cafe
Cheap food at Andra Bhawan
Punjabi Meat Masala at Punjabi by Nature
Movies in PVR Saket, priya etc
Attending second half of GSBD
walking in campus with my laptop and my funny orange bag

This package of unlimited things make this 4 letter Word L I F E ! !

Good Night

LiveMark .. Inter B School Business Problem competition


An inter B School Business Problem competition in the field of Marketing, with focus on all major sectors like FMCG, auto, services, IT, consumer durables, telecommunication, healthcare and many more.
Areas of discussion: Segmentation, targeting, positioning, new product launch, sales promotion, branding, communication, consumer behaviour and market research.

 A business problem is circulated every month
 Entries evaluated by faculty and corporates
 Winning entries are rewarded and present their recommended solutions at Quo Vadis, the annual management fest of IIFT


Contact Details
Nitin Kochhar
Coordinator, Brandwagon

Ethics: Guidelines for marketing to children: How young is too young?

Last few days i am working on a research paper from XIMB. The details are available on

CONTEXT: A child gets up in the morning from his Disney bed, brushes in his special kid brush by Colgate, picks up his Pokemon cards and picks up Gini and Johnny backpack for school. In spite of the lucrative avenues we have to think where and how are we getting the information and is it justified making the kids cult brand followers. In consumerism, commercialism and marketing technique how far should we go in the corporate seduction of kids?

Deadline: 5th Sep, 2005

My thoughts
There had been a furore to protect unnecessary influence of kids from marketers, especially in case of Calcium Sandoz. We have taken some action in past to stop all this. The legal bodies exisiting in India:
1. Consumer Education and Research Centre (CERC) of Ahmedabad
2. Advertising Standards Council of India

The laws should be even more stringent.

Promotions by drug companies are downright worrisome. For instance, Novartis India Ltd, the manufacturer of Calcium Sandoz, has been visiting schools in Ahmedabad to conduct promotional pitches for the product. The company asks children to consume two calcium tablets a day in order to develop strong bones and a sharp brain. The sales talk was accompanied by a bunch of goodies, such as a 15-tablet doggy pack of the product with a pencil and an eraser with the same doggy symbols. In reality, Calcium Sandoz contained salts in addition to calcium carbonate and its indiscriminate use by children who did not suffer from a deficiency could cause the intake of excess salts and lead to the formation of kidney stones.

Thursday, August 25, 2005


I got my six sigma green belt certification from Birlasoft Limited. Presently i am undergoing other green belt certification from KPMG. The mentor is Mr. Vivek Gupta.

Nitin Kochhar

BRANDWAGON .. the marketing club at IIFT

B®ANDWAGON, the Marketing Club of IIFT School of International Business, is a forum of students that are interested in marketing, either as a subject or as a preferred career. It plays an important role at IIFT, hosting various activities that enrich and expand upon students’ classroom experiences.

Among the most active club on the IIFT campus, B®ANDWAGON has a tradition of contributing significantly towards its members. A little insight into what B®ANDWAGON does:

1. Presentations and discussions on pertinent issues offer insights on various aspects of the marketing function.
2. Sharing of new ideas or latest developments in the marketing sector help to broaden perspectives.
3. Opportunities to interact with professionals allow the students to understand, explore and link the theoretical with the practical.
4. Offers assistance to its members in the fields of academics and networking; thereby preparing them for successful careers in sales, marketing or business development.
5. Encourages students to participate in Live-cases that enrich their exposure to marketing in the "real world”.
6. Provides valuable team-play and leadership opportunities to students that participate and contribute to its various events.

Has a lot of fun together!!

For more details visit:

Nitin Kochhar

ONLINE BRANDING of QAI - Utilizing the cyberspace

Last few months i am working on a Live Project with QAI. The domain of project is Marketing of QAI by using the cyberspace. I have worked on the following:

1. RSS Feed
2. Website Modifications - Front Page and other important pages
3. Search Engine Optimization
4. Email Marketing - Discussion Boards and Yahoogroups
and many things in Pipeline

Nitin Kochhar
Coordinator - Brandwagon, Marketing Club at IIFT
MBA - IB 2004 -06

Nitin Kochhar Career Objectives

I want to pursue my career in field of Marketing. I am interested in the following profiles:
1. Brand Management, Consumer Behavior - FMCG
2. Business Developement/ Marketing Management - IT Companies

Objective: Understanding Business, Applying Thought and Identifying gaps for Growth in the organization I work for.

Nitin Kochhar
Coordinator - Brandwagon, Marketing Club at IIFT
MBA - IB 2004 -06

Monday, August 22, 2005

My Hobbies

CONVENTIONAL: Listening to Music, Playing Badi and TT
UNCONVENTIONAL: Spiritual Reading (Stopped for a while), Blogging, searching @%$*, Thinking

Life in IIFT is quite hectic .. but i always try to give time to myself and my hobbies

But its been an interesting journey so far .. every stage teach something .. and its the way you evolve as a person ..

One Mantra - "Do things what you fear" .. it really helps

Nitin Kochhar

Tuesday, August 09, 2005


The QAI family worldwide (USA, India, China, Singapore, UAE, Malaysia and Hong Kong) works with organizations for enterprise- wide deployment of process initiatives that contribute to `Operational Excellence'. QAI USA was set up in 1984 and QAI India in 1994. With a strong focus on the Software, BPO and other knowledge intensive verticals, QAI India has been consulting clients on framework based models like CMM®, PCMM®, CMMI®, COPC(SM) as well as Six Sigma, Risk Management, Project Management, Change Management, Knowledge Management interventions to name a few.

For more details visit
1. Corporate website:
2. BLOG:

Sunday, August 07, 2005


IIFT is organizing National Retail Symposium in association with CII.

For more details visit

Nitin Kochhar
Coordinator - Brandwagon, Marketing Club at IIFT
MBA - IB 2004 -06