Friday, February 17, 2006

2 weeks stint at NAZ FOUNDATION ... as a part of SOCIAL AWARENESS PROGRAM at IIFT

After getting our dream jobs we are all involved with different NGOs in NCR and trying to contribute to our society. I am fortunate to work with NAZ ... an NGO for AIDS infected people, MSM society and recently Eunich society as well.

Vinkal Chadha and Myself were involved in activities:

1. Playing with kids
2. Make the kids study
3. Home care solutions (to help AIDS infected families)
4. Visits to AIIMS and Safdarjung hospital for referals and counselling
5. Interacts with different categories of MSM (men who have sex with men)
6. Website developement for NAZ

The best part about NAZ is culture i.e. the people who put their mind and soul into helping the society. We had professional as well as personal interaction with everybody in NAZ. For more details visit:

We are very proud of our Director General sir - Prabir Sengupta who took this intiative of SOCIAL AWARENESS PROGRAM and sensitized us to other side of the world.

This experience will definately help us in corporate world !!